Jerry Lee Lewis still alive, in spite of TMZ reports of his demise

Rock and country legend Jerry Lee Lewis, presently 87, is still obviously perfectly healthy in Memphis

TMZ report said that the rock n roll pioneer has died. The story set off an influx of grieving before it was withdrawn by the site Wednesday

Lewis was unable to attend the induction ceremony for the Country Music Hall of Fame due to illness on October 16

TMZ regrets the error report.. said that Jerry Lee Lewis is not dead...  as we previously reported

We're told the rock 'n' roll legend is alive, living in Memphis. Earlier today we were told by someone clgrew up aiming to be Lewis' rep that he had passed:- TMZ Report

Meanwhile this false information went viral on all social media world including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and become Google Trends

Lewis was born on Sep 29th 1935 in Ferriday Louisiana and he grew up listening to country music, He claimed to have started piano lessons at the age of 9

When he was 10 Lewis father mortgaged the family farm to buy jerry Lee his first piano, He gave his first public performance at the age of 14

Lewis won 4 Grammy Awards, 2 Grammy Hall of Fame Awards and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award