OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Some jobs are going to go away, after met with PM Narendra Modi in India

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and Prime Minister Narendra Modi met yesterday, they spoke about India’s innovation economy and how AI might help the nation.

Altman is now in India to have conversations with elected officials and legislators to build up trust in the ChatGPT AI chatbot. In order to encourage them to consider the possible risks posed by AI, he would like to assure officials that the corporation is prepared to work with them.

Altman addressed a group of students at the Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi and said, “I met PM Modi and talked about its (AI) downside and why it is necessary to look into it. Life is so much better when intelligence becomes close to free, he added.

Altman also said that it is really amazing to watch what is happening in India with the Artificial Intelligence adoption. Not just OpenAI, but other technologies too, it will be the most transformational technology humanity has ever produced on the earth. However those countries and people who adopt the AI first will surely receive unique rewards.

Can AI taking away jobs?

OpenAI CEO replied – Every tech revolution leads to job change. In two generations, we can adapt to any amount of labor market change and there are new jobs and they are usually better. That is going to happen here too, Some jobs are going to go away. There will be new, better jobs that are difficult to imagine today.

The AI technology companies has not yet begun working on GPT-5. Before we start that model, there is a lot of work to be done. It took us more than six months to complete GPT-4 and be ready to release it. we intend to achieve immediate net-zero cooling for their AI system, followed by a move to only utilizing renewable energy sources in the near future.

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