Threads, a new competitor to Twitter from Meta and developed by the Instagram team

Threads app a new text app on social media launched on Wednesday by Meta, this new app is a competitor for Twitter has already gained more than seventy million users since its introduced. Some experts also claimed that Threads may effectively kill Twitter and Koo in international market.

Threads newly developed app by the Instagram team for joining public conversation through text up to 500 characters including images, links, reply, repost others message and upload videos with 5 minutes maximum length. This app is currently available only through app for iPhone and Android users in more than 100 countries. As per the report based on internal company data users had already posted more than 95 million posts and 190 million likes so far.

The Threads app is available in Play store for android and App store for iPhone, after installed the app user have Instagram accounts are told their account must login with the same username, but you can enter bio and link manually. Meta’s official said we are planning to make it compatible with Activity Pub the open social networking protocol by World Wide Web Consortium soon.

Features between Twitter and Threads

  • Desktop Version / No
  • Text limits 280 / 500
  • Image upload 4 / 10
  • Retweet / Repost
  • Like share / Like share
  • Trending / No
  • Direct message / No
  • Hashtag / No
  • Reply / Comment

Twitter legal representative Alex Spiro now send a legal notice to Meta for unlawful misappropriation and stealing Twitter trade secrets and intellectual property and hiring Twitter employees. Then Meta spokesman Andy Stone replied to Spiro’s allegation through Threads app saying that no one on the Threads engineering team is a former Twitter employee, that’s just not a thing. While Twitter is well-known social media platform for being heavily used by world’s opinion makers like politicians, government agencies, billionaires, journalists, academics and business, its a place where trending news often breaks.


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