Indian Railways added Biriyani, and few other new dishes to be part of rail menu.

Ministry of Railways has issued a circular regarding price hike of catering services request based on IRCTC., and Biriyani is the variety menu added in the trains menu. Indian Railway has planned to serve Biriyani as a standard meal in Express and super fast trains, Railway Ministry has issued a circular of price hike for catering service menu keeping the consideration the request received by IRCTC. and the tariff and menu set up by the board committee.

Indian Railways new menu tariff will be (Veg Biriyani ₹80 / Egg Biriyani ₹90 / Chicken ₹110 all inclusive of GST) Railway also has added some new menu like “Snack Meal” with the verity of regional cuisine in Express and Mail Trains. Snack Meal will cost ₹50 (inclusive of GST) and the menu weighs 350 grams. Other menus like papad/salad/raita/pickle if any of the “Snack Meal” shall be notified by IRCTC.

Janta Meal cost will remain same as ₹20 which includes 7 pooris and potato dry, and now IRCTC has decided to add chicken curry in a standard non-veg meal as an option in Express and Mail trains, and rest of the snack items like a cutlet, samosa, pokoda, etc may continue. the updated charges will be implemented 120 days however price and menu will be updated in the ticketing system in 15 days. Revised tariff for Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains by IRCTC are given below.


First AC Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto trains

  • Morning Tea     – ₹35
  • Breakfast        – ₹140
  • Lunch/Dinner  – ₹245
  • Evening Tea    – ₹140

Second AC/Third AC Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Duronto trains

  • Morning Tea    – ₹20
  • Breakfast       – ₹105
  • Lunch/Dinner – ₹185
  • Evening Tea    – ₹90

Sleeper Class Duronto trains

  • Morning Tea    – ₹15
  • Breakfast         – ₹65
  • Lunch/Dinner – ₹120
  • Evening Tea  – ₹150

Revised tariff of standard meals

  • Breakfast (Veg)          – ₹40
  • Breakfast (Non-veg)   – ₹50
  • Standard Meal Veg    – ₹80
  • Standard Meal Non-veg (With Egg Curry)        – ₹90
  • Standard Meal Non-veg (With Chicken Curry)- ₹130


Published: Hindustan View 18/11/2019

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