Indian Railway new ticket reservation rule: Link PNR for easy refund

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) has launched a new service that linking PNR numbers if the passenger wants to take a connecting journey.

Thousands of cases happened every day that passengers are missed to take the train while they are into a connecting journey due to the delayed arrival of the first train. and passengers are helpless to get their money back.

This new service of Indian Railway will help you to raise a refund in case if you missed the second train due to your first train get delayed.

Here is how to do it.

1. Login to your IRCTC app or official websites
2. Select the option of “connecting journey booking” under the Trains menu.
3. Find a suitable train for the journey.
4. Check the accommodation available on the desired train on the train list page.
5. Click on the “Book Now” and enter the connecting PNR number. (Passenger needs to input the eligible counter ticket or PNR booked with the same user ID).
6. The input PNR will be checked by IRCTC and if the PNR is eligible for connecting the journey.

An automatic pop-up window will display on your screen according to the IRCTC website. Journey time should not be more than 5 hours between the first train journey and connecting train while linking the PNR.

Then IRCTC will send an OTP to the passenger mobile number to verify the connecting journey.

Make sure that only confirmed or RAC tickets are allowed for linking PNR for a partial cancellation of either of the tickets, the PNR numbers will be de-linked. Passenger details such as name, age, etc should be the same in both the tickets.

IRCTC will not allow any modification of the journey or changing the boarding station once the PNR gets linked.


Published: Hindustan View 19/11/2019

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