Coronavirus update: Govt looks doctors to work as volunteer for COVID-19

As India is suffering from an unprecedented public health emergency now the government is looking for doctors to work as volunteers to fight with the Coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus has infected over 600 people in the country and has taken 11 lives in India and more than 19,000 lives across the world.

Today on the official website of Niti Aayog the government appealed to the retired government, Armed Forces Medical Services, the public sector undertaking or a private doctors to fight against with Coronavirus outbreak.

The government is taking all exceptional efforts to combat the crisis along with the involvement of all citizens due to if in case the Coronavirus leads to a high number of infected individuals then the nation’s health facilities may face tremendous load to take care of a large number of COVID-19 infected patients. This overwhelming burden may not be met by the available doctors in the public health system.

Published: Hindustan View 25/03/2020

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